In Late September 2016, IHPC Executive Director Erin Govrik organized the What about Steve Tour to draw attention to current PCA roles and responsibilities while advocating for an increase in hourly PCA wages. Since the tour, Erin has been meeting with lawmakers on a regular basis to ensure that PCA wages issues are front and center in an effort to gain Legislative support and action in 2017.

You can view the News Footage here.

– A shortage of personal care attendants for the disabled is predicted to get much worse in the next decade. It’s an issue that needs to be tackled both in Washington D.C. and at the capitol in St. Paul.

On Wednesday, the owner of a personal care agency, who struggles to find and keep workers because of low wages, organized a tour for lawmakers to draw attention to the issue.

The tour called “What about Steve?” stopped at two locations in the Twin Cities.