I am very proud to announce our 25th year in business, providing home care PCA services to individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges.

Humble Beginning:

In 1985 our founder, Kevin Sullivan, (my brother) was injured in a diving accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down. After a quick study of the PCA world, he felt that the PCA process of recruiting, hiring and training a PCA could be done better, and his experience as a quadriplegic was instrumental in his decision to start In Home Personal Care.

Kevin started IHPC in his apartment in St. Louis Park. With his word processor typed business plan in hand, he started the business with 1-2 clients whom he knew from his stay at Courage Center. Our Mom did the filing for him, helped him place ads, and after hiring his first few PCAs, he was in business! Some of those PCAs and clients, are still with us today!

Over the years, more clients came to IHPC by word of mouth. As his business grew he added a 2nd apartment, then moved to the office location in Golden Valley where we are today.

The individuals that IHPC serves has grown in number and diversification. After Kevin’s passing in 2011, I am so proud that the business continues to thrive due to our excellent office staff, and loyal PCAs and clients. To all of you, thank you!

Erin Sullivan Govrik