As we all know, the state reimbursement rate for PCA wages does not offer our caregivers a livable wage. We are faced with this challenge year after year. Every legislative session, we fight for reimbursement increases with little to no movement. The individuals that rely on our most precious caregivers are in a state of panic and anxiety. Their daily independence requires a PCA to show up, assist with cares, and hopefully continue providing these cares to the individual in need. Instead, we are in a hiring crisis, with almost 100% annual turnover. Our clients who rely on PCAs and the Providers hiring the PCAs are tired of this turnover. The state of MN needs to actively listen and react. We cannot afford another legislative session ending in, for example, this year’s increase of not 2 percent, but .2 percent! That is equal to about a 2 cent per hour increase!

I personally invite any of our clients and PCAs who would like to join me in a grass roots effort of educating our legislators and governmental decision makers. If you are interested in participating and learning more, please contact us

Thank you!!!!